Mercedes Benz

(Bronze Pin, The Show)

Body copy:
The rumble of the 503-hp V8 vibrating through the Nappa leather steering wheel.
Effortlessly gliding through every twist and turn with AMG Adaptive Suspension.
Admiring gazes from all sides.
In the driver’s seat of the AMG GT S, stimulation is never in short supply.


Body copy:
You don’t need to read all 57 pages to understand why.
After experiencing the 503-hp V8 engine, double-wishbone suspension, and carbon-fiber driveshaft, you might notice a little extra swagger in your step.
If not, you’ll certainly notice the compliments.


Body copy:
When your foot hits the gas pedal and the exhaust growls to life, time will fly.
And when the AMG GT S’s biturbo, 503-hp V8 kicks in, so will you.
Let loose, and take your time doing it.